25. Wife Manifesto

Being a good wife is really about knowing what takes priority, forming good habits, and being consistent in these matters for Allah Most High’s sake.

Ask Allah Most High to help you every day and to increase your marriage in goodness. Pray for strength, common sense, and baraka in your time. Pray for your children and parents. Pray for a righteous, healthy, happy family and to uphold the sunna of being a good spouse inshaAllah.

Live your life by the following principles. Read them every day or from time to time in order to be clear on your wife and life priorities. When you married your husband, you made a promise to Allah Most High that you would do everything in your capability to be a good wife and a good Muslim.


  • “Help each other in righteousness and piety, and do not help each other in sin and aggression.” (5:2)
  • “And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.” (2:195)
  • “Allah loves kindness in all matters.” (hadith)
  • “The weightiest matter on the Day of Judgment is good character.” (hadith)
  • “Verily, then Allah loves those who are the pious.” (3:76)
  • “And Allah loves the patient.” (3:146)
  • “Certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).” (3:159)
  • “The strong believer is better and more loved by Allah than the weak one, but they are both good.” (hadith)
  • “The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.” (hadith)
  • “Say: ‘Enough is Allah for a Witness between me and you: for He is well acquainted with His servants, and He sees (all things).’ ”  (17:97)
  • “If anyone desires a reward in this life, in Allah’s (gift) is the reward (both) of this life and of the Hereafter: for Allah is He that hears and sees (all things).” (4:134)
  • “If a woman prays the five prayers, fasts her Ramadan fasts, guards her private parts, and obeys her husband, she will enter Paradise from any door she wishes.” (hadith)
  • “Each of you is a person tending to those under his care and each of you shall be answerable to those under his care. All of those in authority are caretakers. And a man is the caretaker over those in his home. And a woman is the caretaker of her husband’s home and the supervisor over his children. Each of you is a caretaker and each of you will be answerable for those in his charge.” (hadith)
  • “If My slave comes nearer to me for a span, I go nearer to him for a cubit; and if he comes nearer to Me for a cubit, I go nearer to him for the span of outstretched arms; and if he comes to Me walking, I go to him running.” (hadith Qudsi)


  • Loving what Allah loves is my number one priority.
  • When I do things for Allah, I never lose inshaAllah.
  • No one can make my life happy except me. I choose to be happy for Allah’s sake.


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