Virtues of a Tayyibaat Wife


Goodly women are for goodly men and goodly men are for goodly women.

(Surat’al-Nur, 26)


Islam is the truth. Islam is perfect. Islam is a complete way of life. The description of a Tayyibaat Wife is extracted from Islamic teachings. Her virtues are nothing new to the deen and simply what Muslim women have embodied for centuries, but in order to make it easier for women, we’ve categorized her attributes and qualities into a list and teach them, along with sharing everyday tips and examples that demonstrate their practicality in today’s times.


A Muslim wife is:


God-fearing (متقية) muttaqiya

  • wants only what Allah wants
  • puts Allah first in her day to day choices
  • sacrifices her ego for her Lord


Tranquil (مطمئنة) mutamina

  • only gets angry for Allah’s sake
  • has peace of mind
  • is inwardly content with Allah


Respectful (مأدبة) mu’adiba

  • respects her husband as a creation of Allah
  • admires his manliness
  • demonstrates good character (akhlaq) towards her husband and his family


Trustful (متوكلة) mutawakkila

  • trusts that Allah will give her what is best
  • trusts in her husband and his capabilities
  • abandons what is not in her realm of duties


Grateful (شاكرة) shakira

  • thanks Allah for her blessings
  • receives her husband’s generosity
  • voices her gratitude to her husband


Feminine (أنوثة) ‘unutha

  • shows tenderness when needed
  • voices her needs, wants, and desires without being a nag
  • is loving, playful, youthful, and affectionate
  • is physically desirable and available


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