Terms & Conditions: The Truth About Marriage


The cost of the entire workshop with all of its sessions and materials is a non-refundable fee of 40 British pounds / 55 US dollars / 20 JD.

The terms of agreement are applicable for all of the workshop’s sessions, and they come into effect as soon as the participant pays for the workshop.

The coach reserves the right to remove a participant from the workshop upon her failure to uphold the terms of agreement. No refunds will be given for past sessions.


Section A. Session Structure

  1. Sessions will focus on learning and practicing the workshop material. Sessions are not a means for sharing or spending time on resolving any participant’s unique personal problem. If a participant wishes to discuss her personal situation with the coach, she must arrange a separate one-on-one session.
  2. The workshop will consist of three group sessions in total. Each group session consists of a 90 minute live session with the coach.
  3. The days and times of the sessions will be previously announced by TayyibaatWives. A participant’s payment confirms her agreement to attending the sessions on those specific days and times.
  4. Workshop sessions are women-only sessions. Men are not permitted to secretly attend or listen to the sessions. Children and babies are not permitted to attend the session.
  5. All participants will remain anonymous to the group but not to the coach.


Section BPrivacy & Respect

  1. The coach reserves the right to not answer questions specifically related to the participant’s personal circumstances.
  2. The participant promises to not disclose what is said within the session with anyone else, which includes friends and family members.
  3. The participant promises to respect the views of the coach and all participants.
  4. The coach promises to respect the views of the participants.
  5. The coach reserves the right to take notes about what is mentioned during the session.


Section CLive Session Medium

  1. The live sessions will be hosted via GoogleMeet. The GoogleMeet program works via Chrome on a desktop/laptop or its app for Apple/Android phone users.
  2. A private link/meeting code for accessing the group sessions will be shared with all participants after payment. This link cannot be shared with anyone else.
  3. Participants will be sent a unique user name that hides their identity from all participants. Their identity will remain known to the coach.
  4. Participants will not be allowed to enter the live session without using their unique user name.
  5. The unique user name and password will expire one week (7 days) after the final session.
  6. The participant is required to have a working microphone and/or headset.
  7. TayyibaatWives is not responsible for any poor internet connection from the participant’s side, nor is TayyibaatWives responsible for resolving the participant’s unique technical issues.


Section D. Session Adab

  1. Sessions will start on time.
  2. No video will be used by the participant or the coach.
  3. The participant must keep their microphone on mute during the entire session unless the coach gives her permission to speak.
  4. Participants are permitted to use the chat box for commenting and asking questions.
  5. Questions will be held until the end of the session or any time the coach opens up the opportunity.
  6. The coach reserves the right to not answer a question that she deems irrelevant to the workshop topic or inappropriate for the audience.
  7. Participants are not permitted to curse or use any type of vulgarity while speaking or using the chat, nor can participants make offensive remarks about the religion of Islam, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), or his followers.


Section E. Homework

  1. The participant promises to complete her homework assignments to the best of her ability.


Section F. Required Text

  1. Participants must purchase a copy of the e-guide: Preparing To Be A Good Wife.
  2. The payment for the e-guide is not included in the workshop price.


Section G. Workshop Participant Portal

  1. Participants will be given access to a private online portal. The private link and password cannot be shared with anyone.
  2. Access to the online portal will expire one week (7 days) after the final session.


Section H. Email Support & Follow-Up

  1. Participants will not be given email access to the coach with regard to questions related to their specific personal situation.
  2. If a participant wishes to discuss her personal situation with the coach, she must arrange a separate one-on-one session.
  3. TayyibaatWives reserves the right to use the participant’s real email address for its email campaigns. Participants can choose to unsubscribe from the email campaigns whenever they wish.


Section I. Sharing Copyrighted Material

  1. The participant is not permitted to copy, share, distribute, or use any copyrighted material of TayyibaatWives without prior permission from TayyibaatWives.
  2. All PDF and Word Documents are permitted to be saved to the participant’s computer.
  3. TayyibaatWives is not liable to any participant who loses their saved copy of the PDF documents.


Section J. Recording Sessions

  1. The participant is not permitted to record the sessions, whether by means of audio or video.
  2. The coach will not accept requests to be recorded.


Section K. Missed Sessions Due To Client & Cancellations

  1. Participants who miss sessions for any reason will not receive a makeup session.


Section L. Missed Sessions Due To Coach & Cancellations

  1. Any sessions missed due to the coach’s absence will be made up upon further notice of the coach’s circumstances.
  2. The coach reserves the right to cancel the entire workshop or a session if participants are not abiding by the terms of agreement. No refunds will be given for past sessions.


Section M. Payment

  1. Payment must be completed via the payment options available at the TayyibaatWives online shop.
  2. TayyibaatWives only accepts the following currencies: United States Dollar (USD), United Kingdom Pound (Sterling), and Jordanian Dinar (JD). All other countries will pay in USD.
  3. The customer is responsible for paying conversion rate charges that are requested by PayPal upon payment.
  4. The customer is responsible for paying bank transfer charges that are requested for UK bank transfers.
  5. For permanent residents of Jordan, payment can be made in person, but registration and attendance must be online.
  6. Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.
  7. The coach reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a participant if full payment is not received within 72 hours of the first session’s start date and time. Full payment is the only means to officially confirm a slot.
  8. After complete payment, participants will be notified of:
  • their secret user name and password,
  • the private link to the workshop participant portal,
  • and the private link to enter the live sessions.