Quiz: Do You Need Wife Coaching?

Fill in the points for the following statements and add up the total. One point for Often, two points for Sometimes, and three points for Rarely/Never. Read the summary for your score.

If you do not have children, give yourself a score of 3 for those particular questions.







1. Feel irreligious
2. Feel exhausted and overwhelmed
3. Feel unloved and underappreciated
4. Feel unattractive and undesirable
5. Have no peace of mind
6. Purposely hang out with friends more than husband
7. Cannot connect with husband
8. Feel like you’re the only parent
9. Feel like you’re the only adult in the house
10. Feel disinterested in physical intimacy
11. Give your husband the silent treatment
12. Annoyed at your husband
13. Nag your husband
14. Insult your husband
15. Blame your husband, even if only inwardly
16. Fight or argue with your husband, even over small things
17. Find it hard to trust your husband
18. Find it hard to thank your husband
19. Husband and you hardly have any alone time together
20. Husband is withdrawn from you
21. Husband gets easily angry at you
22. Husband complains or criticizes you
23. Husband will not have relations with you
24. Thinking about divorce or wanting out
25. Feeling hopeless about your marriage

45 or Less: Desperately Need Coaching

How are you surviving my friend? A marriage like this will definitely take a toll on your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. There is hope inshaAllah. There is no need to keep heading in this direction. With Allah’s aid, you can change your marriage around inshaAllah. We suggest immediate one-on-one coaching. You don’t have to do this alone; we can help inshaAllah. Click here for details.

For reasons on why divorce is not such a great idea for most couples, click here to read an explanation by a top relationship expert.

46-70: Neither Here Nor There

AlhamduliLlah your marriage is not on the rocks, but there is definitely room for improvement. Working on your marriage will help you to build more intimacy and shape it into the relationship that you so-much desire inshaAllah. We suggest our structured course option to brush up on your wifey skills, and if need be, try our one-on-one coaching. Click here for more details.

71-75: Intimately Connected

MashaAllah! Allah has gifted you with a beautiful marriage. Make sure to take care of it and nurture it daily! Because marriages can often change over time with life’s tests, we suggest keeping in tune with your feminine-wifey skills with our structured course option. Click here for details.

If you feel these scores do not accurately represent your relationship, please email us at help@tayyibaatwives.com and let us know why.