Quiz: Do You Need Wife Coaching?


Place a check by each statement that applies to you. Total the amount of checks and read your score.


  You sometimes experience negative thoughts about your husband’s intentions, motives, choices, and actions.

  You often experience negative thoughts about your husband’s intentions, motives, choices, and actions.

  You do not see your husband when he wakes up or greet him when he comes home most of the times.

  You do not spend quality time with your husband on a daily basis.

  You often spend your free time with other people (family, friends, children, etc).

  You do not hug, kiss, or touch your husband on a daily basis.

  You often hide your wants, needs, desires, dreams, day-to-day experiences and problems from your husband.

  Whenever you express your wants, needs, or desires to your husband, he gets angry, shuts down, or withdraws.

  You do not know how to set healthy boundaries with your husband.

  You are not sexually satisfied with your husband.

  You avoid having marital relations with your husband.

  You criticize, argue, or blow up at your husband regularly.

  Whenever you get into fights about minor issues, you cannot overcome them together.

  Whenever you get into fights about major issues, you ignore your husband, give him the silent treatment, or run away to your parent’s house.

  You find it difficult to forgive your husband when he makes mistakes.

  You find it hard or unnecessary to verbally thank your husband when he does you a favor.

  You do not feel motivated to cater to your husband’s preferences or likes/dislikes.

  Your husband often complains about the way you do things, like with the housekeeping, the cooking, or fulfilling his requests.

  Your husband blatantly says that you disrespect him or nag him.

  Your husband is not your close friend and you don’t think that he’s happy with you either.


5 or more: Desperately Need Coaching

How are you surviving my friend? A marriage like this will definitely take a toll on your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. There is hope inshaAllah. There is no need to keep heading in this direction. With Allah’s aid, you can change your marriage around inshaAllah. We suggest immediate one-on-one coaching. You don’t have to do this alone; we can help inshaAllah. Click here for details.

For reasons on why divorce is not such a great idea for most couples, click here to read an explanation by a top relationship expert.


2 to 4: Neither Here Nor There

AlhamduliLlah your marriage is not on the rocks, but there is definitely room for improvement. Working on your marriage will help you to feel more connected with your husband and happier with your life inshaAllah. Start with reading our blog posts and e-guides, or try our one-on-one coaching inshaAllah. Click here for more details.


1 or less: Intimately Connected

MashaAllah! Allah has gifted you with a beautiful marriage. Make sure to take care of it and nurture it daily! Because marriages can often change over time with life’s tests, we suggest keeping in tune with your feminine-wifey skills with our blog posts, workshops, and e-guides inshaAllah.


If you feel these scores do not accurately represent your relationship, please email us at help@tayyibaatwives.com and let us know why.