13. Questions To Ask Your Dear Hubby

Friendships take time to build. Even with your female friends, the one who you hold nearest and dearest is usually the one who you’ve known for longer. What keeps your bond good is that similar story that you share together, which was created by the gracious acts of kindness and love that you both invested into your relationship. Your marriage is no different. Your husband can be your best friend too, but only after you’ve invested that same thoughtfulness into your relationship over a period of time.

The first place to start is by getting to know him better. Every man will be different in his specific preferences of how he wants to be taken care of, and once you know what he likes/dislikes, then you can make the right moves. Most of the time you will learn how to please your husband through him directly telling you what he likes/dislikes by his compliments/complaints. It may also require a learning curve of getting it right or wrong – that’s totally normal, providing that you make an effort to do what’s right thereafter.

When you pay attention to the little things he wants, he feels important. And that makes big conflicts less likely to happen.

It’s essential that you keep your ears and heart open to whatever your husband mentions regarding his preferences without judging him for it inshaAllah. True love is not judgmental but giving and eager to please.


His Preferences

A good wife knows ALL about her husband:

  • How to make him smile and feel relaxed
  • How to encourage him and let him know that she admires him
  • How to make him feel appreciated
  • How to care for him when he’s stressed or angry
  • His expectations of her with his family
  • His expectations of her with the cleanliness of the house and raising the children
  • How he likes his daily food and tea/coffee; what are his favorite foods
  • How he likes her to dress and other details of her appearance
  • How to serve his guests
  • How he likes it in the bedroom and how often
  • How to watch over and guard his property
  • How to interact with his money and be considerate towards his financial circumstance

If you do not know the answers to any of the above, then just ask him! Let him know that you want to make him happy and would love to know his preferences in these topics.


His Personality Type

Find out more about your husband’s personality by taking a personality test together. Even though personality tests are based on generalizations, it can give you a better indication of your husband’s overall demeanor. You can ask him which parts of the description he thinks do not describe him accurately too.

We recommend: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


But what if his preferences are different from your own?…