E-Guide: The How To’s Of A Successful Muslim Wife


A comprehensive guide for new brides to ensure that they start their marriage off on the right foot inshaAllah. Perfect for wives who are still within the first two years of their marriage, but a great read for all wives inshaAllah.

(Downloadable PDF)



Wife Tips: The How-To’s Of A Successful Muslim Wife is a 158 page PDF that contains some of TayyibaatWives’ best wife tactics:

  • How to win a husband’s heart with our Master Love Plan
  • How to understand his needs with our Love Language Guide
  • How to voice wants and needs with our T.A.L.K. Tender Formula
  • How to handle conflict with our Conflict Protocol
  • How to heal childhood hurts with our Childhood Triggers Drill
  • How to overcome being sensitive with our Oversensitivity Drill
  • How to stay motivated with our Successful Muslim Wife Manifesto
  • How to stay on top of it all with our Daily Wife Checklist


Take a sneak peek using the PDF viewer below or access it at this webpage inshaAllah.



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Product Reviews

“As a newlywed, you think that you’re the exception, but after reading this guide, I now realize that it’s better to be prepared. I never thought I’d have to consider some of the things mentioned – how much they could really impact the quality of my marriage, especially in the beginning.”



“This is a great guide that combines Islamic teaching and modern relationship advice in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Simple, clearly set out and easy to refer back to. I would definitely recommend it to those newly married or getting married.”



“This guide provides the practical advice that I need and I believe that if I implement the advice offered, I will InshaAllah be able to be a loving, supportive wife and create a happy household which adheres to Islamic standards. Wife Tips is filled with wisdom, unbelievably helpful and so I highly recommend it!”



“A must read for all newlyweds (and a great reminder even for those of us who’ve been married for a while!). It’s full of well-explained, easy-to-follow tips and encouragement that will inshaAllah help you find contentment, joy, and reward in your marriage.”



“Practical tips and resources are excellent. Down to the simple stuff like good examples of what to say.”



“TayyibaatWives’ newlywed advice is spot on! Any woman who tries the tricks and secrets found on TayyibaatWives will surely see amazing results. And it doesn’t matter if you are not newly married, anyone can benefit!”



“This guide explains points that are known rules, but no one really explains them in detail. It provides solutions on how to deal with them too. It’s something I’ll definitely be referring back to throughout my marriage inshaAllah.”



“I used a line from the guide, and it was a big score alhamduliLlah. Thank you again!”