Quiz Set: TayyibaatWives’ Love Connection Kit


A collection of quizzes that will help you to discover what are the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage, as well as providing simple solutions for them inshaAllah.

(Downloadable PDF)



The TayyibaatWives’ Love Connection Kit is a 24 page PDF that contains quizzes which will assess your relationship at a deeper level. The answer keys state general solutions for each problem area too.

The Love Connection Kit consists of:

  • The Spiritual Connection Scale
  • The Emotional Connection Scorecard
  • The Communication Connection Quiz
  • The Conflict Connection Checklist

Take a sneak peek using the PDF viewer below inshaAllah.



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Product Reviews

“Mashallah I really benefited by completing these quizzes. I’m newly married and pinpointing what could be improved is sometimes difficult. These helped me narrow down exactly what we should work on to improve our marriage. The scenarios are all real-life and relatable scenarios and there is plenty of useful information offered after calculating your scores. Thank you so much!” MARRIED FOR A YEAR