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"Renewing Your Intention To Be A Good Wife"

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"How Do I Get More Time With My Husband When He's Obsessed With His Job?"



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No need to leave your home. Our sessions are held via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Meet.

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Learn practical marriage advice. Our solutions combine modern-day tactics with Islamic teachings inshaAllah.

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“Thanks so much – jazaki Allahu khair – for posting the audio for us to listen at our own pace and often and whenever we want. I really want to be an awesome wife and have a really good marriage, so I’m looking forward to putting in practice more and more of what I learn from the audios and from your website.” Read More

“I had just accepted that my marriage was the way it was, and there was nothing I could do about it, so I forced myself to be happy and live with it. Now I know there are a list of things I can improve on to get a better marriage! And I feel like I have hope now, alhamdulillah. All the practical advice given on different situations are like wow, subhanAllah, is it really just as simple as that! Why did I make it so hard for myself all those years!” Read More

“I have honestly had such a different outlook since the session alhamduLillah. I have had less stress and worry as I always have and just felt more free than I have with regards to myself. I can’t tell you enough what the one-on-one session and the marriage classes have done for me. I’m almost like a new person. It is like I had blinkers on my eyes and by the grace of Allah swt was helped to remove them and see the blessings Allah swt has so generously bestowed upon me. I’m sure if you asked my husband he could vouch for how much I’ve changed.” Read More