Our Mission

Become a Tayyibaat Wife today!

In a hope to save Muslim marriages from falling into divorce, Muslim children from being raised in broken homes, and Muslim women from living in circumstances that displease Allah Most High, TayyibaatWives offers several free and paid services in which wives are given the motivation and inspiration that they need in order to change their lives inshaAllah.

Marriage is merely another form of worship to Allah Most High. Just like you must study the conditions of ablution and prayer in order to make your prayers count, there is a need to learn and live the essentials of what makes a marriage work so that your everyday dealings count with Allah. Join our journey in educating Muslim women aboutĀ this crucial topic inshaAllah.

The mission of TayyibaatWives coaching is:

  • to inspire Muslim women to live marriages and lives that are pleasing to Allah Most High
  • to educate Muslim women on what it means to be a righteous wife according to the beautiful standards of the Sacred Law
  • to suggest practical tactics and tools that help Muslim women win their husband’s hearts and make their marriages good
  • to remind sisters of the benefits of acting with gracious Islamic character and the blessing that comes from emulating the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in their day to day interactions
  • to win Allah’s pleasure in every step along the way

We fulfill our mission through giving Islamic advice via:

And our success is from Allah alone.