Can Newlyweds Benefit?


Congratulations. May Allah bless your new marriage and make it a way for you to draw nearer to Him.

This service was originally prompted by a personal desire to help newlyweds understand the practicalities of marriage. Many men and women marry, but they do not know how to build and maintain a good marriage. They’re too busy wrapped up in the high of feeling in love and most believe that this excitement will last forever.

We’re not going to tell you that it will die. Rather, we want you to know that the only way that it can blossom into something more substantial and meaningful is by nurturing it from its start. You can only help something to grow when you are aware of its needs.

Many Muslim women are shocked at how different their husbands are in comparison to themselves – the way he reacts, his needs, and his way of dealing with issues/stress. Men are fundamentally different from women in various ways, and this difference is to the advantage of every believer if it is appreciated and understood. The root of many arguments and fights are misunderstandings about the way men truly are and how to deal with them.

Plant your seed in good soil, water it daily, care for it, and ask Allah to make it grow into something that will be of benefit for you, your future offspring, and the entire ummah inshaAllah.

Some newlyweds ignore this advice and their seed never grows, or it grows into a small stalk and eventually gets trampled upon as life slowly passes by and the bumpy ride of a marriage rolls all over it.

Coaching with TayyibaatWives will help you to be more informed of the daily realities of a Muslim wife, tips on how to cope, and an insight on how to cultivate the blossoming of this new seed that you have now planted in your life inshaAllah.