7. Magnetize Him

Behind every good man is a good woman who inspires him to be his best. Her words and actions bring out the greatest qualities within him: to be a provider, protector, lover, and friend.

Many women nowadays only want their husbands to be their lovers and friends. Since they are so ‘independent,’ they are quite happy to provide and protect for themselves. Although it may seem like a good deal, these women end up missing out on key characteristics that construct a man’s core and cause a woman to love a man.

Men by nature are designed to provide and protect. It’s what gives them purpose. It’s what bestows them vision. It’s what makes them men. At the root of the matter, some women desire a watered down version of a man because she does not want to be under anyone’s ‘authority’ except her own.

However, a man’s ability to provide and protect does not arise from his desire to ‘control’ a woman, but it is sparked by his yearning to ‘care’ for someone he loves. Men are instinctively heroes at heart. The problem is that many women have lost their ‘touch’ at how to awaken the hero within her man.

When a man is his wife’s hero, he cherishes her. He goes out of his way to provide for her needs. He considers the value of her preferences. He adores her and stays faithful to her.

You may wonder what makes a man be driven to such an extent. It’s because his wife was able to awaken a dormant part in him that only comes to life when he’s in love.

The TayyibaatWives’ Master Love Plan awakens a husband’s urge to care for his wife. It consists of practicing five A+ strategies:

  1. Affection
  2. Attention
  3. Affirmation
  4. Admiration
  5. Appreciation

You may look at these strategies and think they are so elementary. How could some women not win their husband’s hearts if it’s that easy? The answer is two-fold: either she is purposely not practicing the strategies or she honestly does not know how.

As for the first category of wives, the reason that she stops making the right moves to win his heart is often due to anger. She may be upset at her husband for various reasons, and consequently, she loses the motivation to burden herself with his needs.

As for the second category of wives, her unawareness may be caused by her shyness to expose her inner thoughts and feelings. For example, she could be someone who is not very expressive with her feelings or outwardly affectionate by nature; so she thinks that bottling everything up inside is normal – even if it’s positive.

She could be someone who was discouraged from voicing her wants/needs as a child; so she does not know where to start as an adult.

She could be someone who grew up in a household where her parents did not openly show love towards each other; so she does not realize that she’s not giving her husband something that he needs.

Whatever the source of her issue may be, it will impact her ability to win her husband’s heart. If you want to be his lover, wife, and friend, then you must do the work entailed – no matter how uncomfortable or strange it may feel to you.

Feelings cannot change facts, but facts can change feelings. Learn how men operate and experiment with these different strategies. When you receive positive responses from him, it will prompt you to try harder and do more inshaAllah. Keep in mind, your attempts are all worship to Allah Most High and a way for good deeds to be written in your book inshaAllah.


A+ Strategy: Affection

Draw in your husband like a magnet with your feminine charm. Men have a strong desire to feel ‘wanted’ by a woman. The best way is through physical touch.

Touching makes a man feel emotionally fulfilled, satisfied, and valued. Whether in the form of hugs, kisses, hand-holding, massages, or marital relations, touching gifts a husband with the emotional validation that somebody special deems him worthy, wants him, and needs him.

When a wife recognizes the importance of her touch and strives to do it, her husband will be compelled to always take care of her, yearn to keep her friendship, and think of all the ways that he can please her, cherish her, and adore her inshaAllah.

How-To Score: Unleash the power of your feminine charm and flirt with your husband.

Men are instinctively attracted to feminine women, and every wife is the keeper of a special spark that is able to ignite her husband’s heart when lit.

It is no surprise that Islam actively encourages men to be men and women to be women. The Prophet  cursed women who acted like men and men that acted like women. This means that women are meant to be feminine, and men are meant to be masculine.

By resorting to your feminine charm, you have the natural keys at your fingertips to captivate your husband and draw him in like a magnet inshaAllah.

A woman’s feminine charm refers to the motions of a her body, the way she walks, talks, uses her hands, the sound of her voice, her facial expressions, and her laugh. The feminine charm is very appealing to men because it is a total contrast from their masculine traits, and opposites attract.

In today’s world, many female students and career women embody too much masculine spirit. Although a masculine-like vigor results in success within a study and work environment, it creates an imbalance in an intimate relationship with a man, which can cause huge marriage problems.

Moreover, men want to have fun with their wives; they don’t want someone who is mother-like or serious all the time. Wives need to possess a type of pizzazz that personifies an image of youthfulness and playfulness.

When the Prophet  asked the Companion Jabir (Allah be pleased with him) who he had married after his father died and was left to care for his seven sisters, he  reasoned, “…‘Why not a young [virgin] girl whom you could play with and she could play with you, and you could laugh with her and she could laugh with you?’…” (Bukhari)

Get in touch with your spark and radiate its goodness.  In your home, you’re free to be you – that real, feminine you.

Unleash the power of the feminine in your marriage by doing a few of these every day inshaAllah:

  • Smile at him when he looks at you
  • Tilt your head to the side while talking to him and lean forward
  • Flip your hair back while you talk or curl your hair with your fingers
  • Share a slice of dessert together and feed him a bite
  • Let him lay on your lap and give him a head massage or play with his hair
  • Take his arms and wrap them around your waist
  • Tickle him when he’s not expecting it
  • Laugh and giggle at his jokes
  • Wink after telling him something funny or mischievous
  • Touch his hand while you talk to him
  • Draw circles on his thigh and look into his eyes
  • Tell him that you need a daily hug or kiss in order to feel energized
  • Call him by endearing names (honey, love, cutie pie) instead of his real name
  • Chase him or race him
  • Play hide-and-go seek
  • Wrestle him (he may win but it’s always fun to try)
  • Engage in competitions together – intellectually, physically, or playfully
  • Ask him to hold you or kiss you
  • Lean on his shoulder
  • Sneak up behind him when he’s at the computer, kiss his ear, and whisper I love you
  • Touch his foot with your foot under the dinner table and smile
  • Sing him cute love lullabies
  • Call him Mr. Muscles or Mr. Hot Stuff
  • Cuddle him before falling asleep and tell him you cannot fall asleep without a hug first
  • Sway your hips when you walk up to him
  • Speak to him in a baby voice and tell him all the things you want
  • Send him a cute text or skype message
  • Tell him you miss him and can’t wait until he’s with you again when he’s traveling or away from home
  • Leave him little love notes in his lunch bag or at his work desk (put in a place where he’ll see it – must be super obvious for men to notice)


And when he comes home from work, practice the next strategy…


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