Love Scripts Rental User Agreement (Jordanian Residents Only)

Bismi Llahir Rahmanir Rahim


General Guidelines

Sisters who are 17 years old and up can rent a copy of Love Scripts from TayyibaatWives for a fee:

Story Without Tactics: 2 JD for two weeks (2 copies available for rent)

Story WITH Tactics: 3 JD for two weeks (1 copy available for rent)


The maximum amount of time a user can rent a copy is two weeks in a row. Thereafter, the user must return the copy back to TayyibaatWives and can reapply to rent the copy again providing that no other sister has requested to rent it.

All proceeds will be donated to the general zawiya fund.


Copying, Photographing, Or Renting

Users cannot copy or distribute the rented copy. All rented copies must be returned to TayyibaatWives.

Users cannot photocopy or take pictures of the pages of the rented copy.

Users cannot write in the copy or highlight it.

Users can make their own personal notes on a separate sheet of paper.

Only TayyibaatWives is permitted to rent copies of Love Scripts.

Love Scripts cannot be publicly shared without the permission of TayyibaatWives.


Lost Or Damaged Copies

Users will be fined the full cost to reprint a new copy for any copy that has been lost or damaged beyond customary wear and tear.

TayyibaatWives will decide what is considered customary wear and tear.

Ownership of the damaged copy does not transfer to the user. Users must still return the damaged copy and also pay to print a new one.


How To Request To Rent

Send an email to By requesting to rent, you agree to the conditions stated above.

First come, first serve inshaAllah. Married women will take precedence in the que. 


Who This Service Does Not Apply To

  • Men or boys
  • Girls under 17
  • Ladies 17+ who are not seriously considering marriage
  • Travelers to Kharabsheh
  • Anyone living outside Kharabsheh