Love Scripts - Getting Through To Him

An E-Novel & E-Guide Combined

Read an inspiring and uplifting story of a woman struggling to communicate her needs to her husband and how she overcomes it using TayyibaatWives’ tactics. A detailed explanation of each tactic along with sample scripts are included too!

(This product is only offered as a downloadable PDF.)

A Modern-Day Marriage Story PLUS Our BEST Tactics That Will Help To...

Create Connection

  • TayyibaatWives "Master Love Plan" Explained
  • Reflective Questions
  • Coach's Analysis

Communicate Better

  • TayyibaatWives T.A.L.K. Tender Tactic Explained
  • Sample Love Scripts To Say To Your Hubby
  • Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Cure Conflict

  • TayyibaatWives "Restore Connection" Conflict Protocol Explained
  • TayyibaatWives "Express Hurt Feelings" Formula Explained


“I am absolutely blown away by this e-novel. MashaAllah. It really is an amazing body of work. It’s insightful, comprehensive, practical, inspirational and spiritual. I don’t know how else to describe it other than a treasure chest full of precious gems of wisdom. It’s the perfect balance between traditional and modern advice, and gracefully and tactfully addresses the fears of many women that being a good Muslim wife means being a silent and submissive doormat. The advice is very clear and direct, and it doesn’t shy away from its very clear Islamic tone while remaining refreshingly honest and modern. This work is so beautifully written and seamless that it’s very pleasurable to read.”


“The story portrays a real marriage with a family. It shows the current times and environment we live in. And the advice was profound: it was deep and reflective.”

“I liked that there are parts that I could draw on directly and use in my own marriage. I would recommend it, as it effectively provides something to compare oneself against.”


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