Allah Most High says:

Goodly women are for goodly men and goodly men are for goodly women.

(Surat’al-Nur, 26)

Dear Respected Brother In Islam,

My name is Naielah Ackbarali. I am the Founder/CEO of and a professional wife coach. Allow me to introduce you to my company.

TayyibaatWives’ is a wife coaching company that is based on Islamic teachings. It focuses on helping wives use their femininity and natural emotional intelligence to make their marriages pleasing to Allah Most High inshaAllah.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your wife has either chosen to coach with me or is seriously considering it. Some wives prefer to keep their coaching sessions a secret for their own specific reasons, while others feel the urge to inform their husbands, even if after a few sessions.

Through my years of coaching, I have received different responses from husbands. Some are very encouraging, while others are hesitant or resistant. This usually stems from the years of hurt and disappointment experienced in their marriages, which can sometimes lead to an immediate feeling of mistrust towards a third party knowing about their relationships’ issues.

I want to reassure you that my coaching is done with the intention to help and not hurt your family.  This webpage was created for the purpose of putting your worries at ease and to answer any questions that you may have about TayyibaatWives’ initiatives.

Benefits Of Our Services

  • Relationship Coaching – marriage advice centered around traditional Islamic teachings, modern-day marital advice, and self-help tactics
  • Life Coaching – life guidance geared towards overcoming childhood baggage, getting in touch with our Islamic purpose/fitra, and forming life goals
  • Emotional Coaching – educational tactics used to teach women how to process, deal with, and react to different emotional states
  • Husband Coaching – available for husbands who want advice on how they can be better spouses or rid themselves of a porn addiction or for sobriety support/accountability (offered by myself, my husband, or both of us)
  • Islamic Inspiration – solutions that are built upon and around the deen inshaAllah
  • Affordable Prices – more than half the price of other coaching services
  • Individual Sessions – unique personal sessions catered to your marriage
  • Complete Confidentiality – no one will know your stuff except us

Who We Are Not

  • Scholars – we base our coaching on Islamic rulings, are students of knowledge, and return to our teachers for guidance, but we are not shariah experts who have legal authority like an Islamic council
  • Legal Mediators – we only teach relationship skills and give heart-to-heart advice, and we do not resolve couple financial problems, in-law disputes, divorce, etc.
  • Medical Professionals – we offer a professional coaching service, which should not be mistaken for professional medical help like a psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, etc

Further Questions

Feel free to contact us at for further inquiries.