Drop-In Nasiha Sessions

Going through a predicament in your marriage that you need advice about? Hoping for some sisterly nasiha to point you in the right direction?

Our Drop-In Nasiha Sessions give the client the ability to receive special attention for her unique situation by jumping directly into any immediate questions that the client has about her marriage. Perfect for married women trying to seek immediate advice about where their marriage is heading or concerning a specific problem in their marriage.

The BENEFITS of a Drop-In Nasiha Session

  • Private sessions with the coach (read about her here)
  • Direct positive motivation from the coach
  • Ability to ask about any immediate questions concerning client’s situation

Session Logistics

  • Each session runs for 30 minutes inshaAllah
  • Conducted via SKYPE, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, phone, or in person
  • Offered on Wednesdays only
  • Timing depends on coach’s availability

How Drop-In Nasiha Sessions Differ From One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Shorter: one-on-one coaching sessions are 60 minutes
  • Cheaper: one-on-one coaching sessions are more than double the price
  • To The Point: one-on-one coaching sessions focus on working with the coach over a series of weeks (or months) to improve the overall state of marriage

BUT unlike one-on-one coaching sessions, there is…

  • No working towards a long-term vision of changing the overall state of the marriage
  • No brainstorming of how to eliminate dysfunctional patterns in the relationship
  • No follow-up email access with the coach
  • No homework assignments individually catered to the client’s situation
  • No use of NLP tactics


  • 35 British pounds / 50 US Dollars / 15 JD per 30 minute session (via PayPal)

NOW Almost 40% OFF:

  • 20 British pounds / 30 US Dollars / 10 JD (for permanent residents of Jordan only) per 30 minute session (via PayPal)

Interested In A Session? Follow the Steps Below.

  1. Read all of documents below.
  2. Email privsession@tayyibaatwives.com to agree on an exact date and time for your sessions with the coach. Appointments must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  3. Fill out the Client Questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to your first scheduled appointment inshaAllah.
  4. Submit your payment via PayPal by clicking one of the buttons below if you live outside of JordanFull payment is the only way to officially confirm an appointment.
  5. Permanent residents of Jordan can pay in person. A permanent resident is defined as anyone who is currently living in Jordan for three months or more.
  6. Read our Client Testimonials.

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Have questions or queries? Email help@tayyibaatwives.com