How To Get A Marital Makeover in 2017

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is charged to make personal resolutions that will change their lives for the next 365 days in the hope of scoring a different set of results than the previous year. Some focus on losing weight, while others turn their attention to pushing themselves to accomplish more on their to-do-lists. Continue reading “How To Get A Marital Makeover in 2017”

Self-Care: Feeling Young & Beautiful Again

“Who is she?” you ask yourself when you look into the mirror. The tiredness is vividly apparent on your face now. Your muscles feel sore from the lack of sleep. Your brain hurts from thinking about your to-do-list. The last time you looked after your own needs seems like ages ago. You can’t hide it anymore. You’re beat. But there’s a bigger problem: you’re too beat to be a good wife.

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