Are You Losing Him? A Man’s Need For Cave Time

by John Gray, Ph.D., best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

A man is sometimes capable of making a woman feel as though she’s lost his love when, in reality, his love for her is still as strong as it ever was. In Mars Venus language, the male behaviors that can prompt feelings of rejection in a woman are referred to as the “Cave” and the “Rubber Band.” Continue reading “Are You Losing Him? A Man’s Need For Cave Time”

When Women Fear Confronting Their Needs

by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., author of The Dance of Anger

Judy is a real estate agent and Victor, her husband, is a salesman for the telephone company. On this particular day Victor has a meeting after work and phones Judy to tell her that he will not be home until seven o’clock. Judy has been with the children all afternoon and finds herself tense and tired by the time the evening meal rolls around. Continue reading “When Women Fear Confronting Their Needs”