10. Beauty & Adornment

Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.

Your husband also loves your beauty. As such, it is vital to look good, smell good, and feel good when you’re around your dear hubby. It’s not only for his sake. When you take care of your physical appearance, you feel good about yourself.

Here are some basic starter tips of how to look elegant and beautiful within the domain of your home. 


Wear Clothes That Are Colorful

Don’t blend into the walls of your house. Rather, wear colors that paint a beautiful picture and add gorgeous scenery to your home. The best colors a woman can wear are purples, pinks, reds, pastels, and anything that strikes a touch of the feminine to a man’s heart. Choose fabrics that are soft against the skin, like silk, rayon, velvet, and satin. Decorative patterns like flowers, stripes, lace, beads, and embroidery add intricacy and draws fascination to any eye. If your husband likes or dislikes a particular color, then wear whatever will make him happy to look at you.


Wear Clothes That Show Your Shape

Ditch the sweats and baggy pants. Don’t hide your beauty under sportswear; you can do that at the gym. Invest in classy house dresses and long, flowing skirts. If you have a particular cultural attire that you like to wear, then make sure that it’s colorful and feminine, and not ‘aunty-like.’ Yes, it’s definitely important that you feel comfortable in your own home, but don’t use it as an excuse to not dress up.

Make it a habit to dress up every day, even if only for a couple hours. Keep a few items of clothing on-hand that are always washed and ironed as emergency backups for busy days. Freshen up and slip in. He’ll never know the difference.

If you’re a mother of a newborn child, do whatever you can to show that you’re still making an effort inshaAllah.



Scarves, dupatas, and belts really add a flare to any outfit. Accessories can turn a plain skirt and top into something more eye-catching. Put on your favorite pair of gold/silver earrings, necklaces and rings. Earrings that hang are much more feminine than studs. Bangles are fantastic; they chime when you enter, announcing your feminine presence, and they’re a constant reminder of your womanly nature every time they clink back and forth as you laugh and chat.

Wear footwear that adds to the femininity of your outfit, not detracts from it. Avoid sneakers or flip flops. Wear wedges, flats, fluffy slippers, and decorative sandals.


Do Your Hair

Brush your hair every day, first thing in the morning, in order to appear put together and presentable. Take care to oil and maintain your hair’s shine. Coconut oil is an excellent natural remedy for moisturizing hair.

Style your hair in different ways. One day wear it down. Another day pull it up in a ponytail with a pretty bow. Another day gather it into a bun with a pretty hair tie, or braid it into something elegant. Dress up your hair with ribbons, headbands, or cute hair clips.

Color your hair with henna to hide any gray strands that may be sticking out. Remember: look young, feel young. You can be beautiful at any age inshaAllah!


Keep Your Skin Glowing

Wash your face every day with water, and exfoliate your face with a washrag or facial sponge every week. Clear away blackheads and decrease acne with a balanced diet and by taking vitamins. Moisturize your body (legs, arms, chest, feet) with coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or body creams after you take a shower or ghusl. The residue of oils can ruin your clothes so take care to only use these when you’re in your pajamas!

Try a homemade facial mask every week. Put on your face and leave for thirty minutes, then rinse. Popular recipes are:

  • Egg white, turmeric, and lemon juice
  • Mashed avocado
  • Chick pea flour and a little bit of yogurt


Accentuate Your Beauty

Some husbands don’t like makeup. You should do what your husband prefers. But most men don’t mind something light and natural looking. There are natural, vegan makeup outlets available in a lot of Western countries that are often free of unlawful ingredients.

If you’re not a fan of makeup, then consider wearing kohl and a light lip gloss or Vaseline. A little shine goes a long way to a man’s heart.

Trim your finger nails and toe nails weekly. Long nails are dirty, beast-like, and against the beloved sunna.

As for shaping one’s eyebrows, it is unlawful and the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) cursed women who did it.


Smell Good

Invest in light ouds that provide a sweet fragrance to your sweet look. Take care to wash away any scent before leaving the house. Muslim women smell good inside their houses, and smell like nothing outside their houses.

Smelling good also includes having nice breath. Brush your teeth first thing in the morning and before you have relations. Pleasant breath is a must for intimacy.


Soften Your Touch

Get baby-like skin by making it a habit to regularly remove leg, underarm, and facial hair.

It is a sunna to remove underarm and pubic hair every week, particularly on Fridays. Any method used for removal is permissible, providing that it does not expose one’s awrah (nakedness from navel to knee) in front of anyone else. Popular choices are waxing, shaving, threading, and epilators.

Leg (from below knees), underarm, and facial hair can also be removed by laser. Zap away your hairiness and the bother of having to shave and wax. Portable home versions are available in the market.


Stay Fit & Healthy

Don’t waste your youth away on chips and cookies. Being a good wife takes a lot of energy and being a busy mom uses up even more! Keep yourself fit according to your body’s needs. Eat healthy and take your vitamins consistently inshaAllah.

Always maintain a weight and size that attracts your husband. Every man will be different in what he tolerates from his wife’s size; your concern should be what your husband likes and wants inshaAllah. Most men don’t care for stick figures, but they enjoy proportional curves.

Staying fit, healthy, and beautiful will also make you feel more self-confident inshaAllah, and men love a confident woman with a feminine smile.


You’ll definitely need to be active if you want to keep your house tidy…