The Successful Muslim Wife


The successful Muslim wife is the woman who Allah Mighty and Majestic gives success (tawfiq) to in her marriage. She is the one who is avid to learn what Allah Most High and the Prophet say about how to be a righteous wife. When her eyes fall upon what revelation says, her entire being is pulled towards heading in one direction: the path to her eternal abode. Continue reading “The Successful Muslim Wife”

Part 3 – Three Commitments That Successful Wives Make

With the hope of helping, most women feel compelled to give advice to their friends and loved ones who are struggling in their marriages. In several narrations, the Prophet also encouraged believers to give advice to each other, providing that the advice imparted leads the listener back to Allah, His book, and His Messenger. Continue reading “Part 3 – Three Commitments That Successful Wives Make”

Are You Losing Him? A Man’s Need For Cave Time

by John Gray, Ph.D., best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

A man is sometimes capable of making a woman feel as though she’s lost his love when, in reality, his love for her is still as strong as it ever was. In Mars Venus language, the male behaviors that can prompt feelings of rejection in a woman are referred to as the “Cave” and the “Rubber Band.” Continue reading “Are You Losing Him? A Man’s Need For Cave Time”