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Allah Most High says:

Goodly women are for goodly men and goodly men are for goodly women.

(Surat’al-Nur, 26)

Inspired by the words of Allah Mighty and Majestic, TayyibaatWives officially launched in May 2015 with the intention to help Muslim women better their marriages by becoming the goodly women mentioned in this verse.

While many women spend an enormous amount of time trying to excel in their studies and careers, they often overlook the importance of investing the same type of motivation and energy towards learning how to create and maintain a successful marriage. Marriage is a form of worship to Allah Most High, and dedicating the effort needed towards making one’s marriage beloved to Allah Most High is imperative.

The mission of TayyibaatWives coaching is:

  • to inspire Muslim women to live marriages and lives that are pleasing to Allah Most High
  • to educate Muslim women on what it means to be a righteous wife according to the beautiful standards of the Sacred Law
  • to suggest practical tactics and tools that help Muslim women build friendships with their husbands and make their marriages good
  • to remind sisters of the benefits of acting with gracious Islamic character and the blessing that comes from emulating the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in their day to day interactions
  • to win Allah’s pleasure in every step along the way

TayyibaatWives achieves its mission by offering free advice via our blog, audio q&apodcast, and motivational posts. We also offer paid services, like one-on-one coaching sessions, e-guides, and group workshops.

And our success is from Allah alone.


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