6. The Way To His Heart (Unpaid)

You may have been told the popular idiom that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying may contain an element of truth to it, but it’s definitely not the complete picture of what it takes to fully win a man’s heart. Yet, what catchy phrases like this do demonstrate is that men are easy to please – and maybe a lot easier than you think.

It doesn’t take rocket science to make a relationship with a man work, but it does necessitate that you are willing to give a man what he specifically needs in order to feel loved, even if it may seem different from your own needs. While this concept may seem easy in principle, due to the popularization of feminist ideologies, it is extremely difficult for some wives to master.

Feminism refers to a broad range of theories and movements that promote the advancement of women’s rights in order to achieve the equality of the sexes. While Islam agrees with the spiritual equality of the sexes, it does not advocate that both male and female roles should be the same in society at large. Each gender has its own special role to play as a societal contribution and each gender will be rewarded immensely for its efforts.

Allah Most High says: And their Lord hath accepted of them, and answered them: “Never will I suffer to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female: Ye are members, one of another…” (Quran 3: 195)

The feminist movement preaches the opposite. It has been the driving force behind recent radical changes in how society is organized on a political, economic, and social level. Despite some praiseworthy changes in society, feminism has also been responsible for the breakdown of many marriages.

Probably one of the biggest detriments that feminism caused was that it made men’s unique needs for love wrong by discounting them. In today’s times, many women cannot stomach the thought that a man considers automatic respect, admiration, and sex as a major part of love.  Instead, he must ‘earn’ it. This attitude of disgust towards a man’s different nature has demotivated women from even wanting to take care of their husband’s needs.

Furthermore, with the rise of ’empowerment’ ideologies, women started to hide their emotions and become emotionally unavailable; a woman who was in tune with her ‘soft side’ was labeled as weak. Now, the ideas of vulnerability and tenderness can trigger immediate eye-rolls from some ladies. They’re so far from their natural disposition (fitra) that they cannot appreciate what their innate feminine gifts can do for their marriages.

Yet, a wife’s ability to instantaneously attract her husband is rooted in expressing her unique feminine charm. When a wife shows that gentle, light-hearted, playful, affectionate side of her, she will find that her husband will be instinctively pulled towards her – enamored with an urge to want to hold on to her, cherish her, take care of her, and adore her.

Moreover, Allah’s wisdom is NOT weak. He is the all-Wise and the Creator of every atom in this universe. He has placed within every woman a capacity to be at her feminine peak, and it is up to each woman to discover who she is in her relationship. When believers deny the gifts that Allah has given them, they will lose the blessing. Instead, the way to appreciate the gift is to use it.

Get reacquainted with the strengths of your feminine charm and don’t deem them to be weaknesses, but know that a woman’s feminine charm is what actually makes a marriage work and what drives a man crazy about a woman. If you stick to what Allah Most High and His Prophet say, you will be saved from a lot of heartache and pain in your marriage inshaAllah.

The Prophet   said, “Any woman who dies whilst her husband is pleased with her will enter Paradise.” (Tirmidhi)

That’s enough evidence for a sincere heart. Whereas society won’t tell you the truth, revelation does: You are the keeper of the relationship.  You possess natural strengths that will make your marriage succeed. You have the capability to easily capture his heart with your feminine powers. Not only that, your attempts to please him are all worship and a means to eternal bliss.

Don’t deny yourself of the treasure in your hands. A good Islamic marriage gives a woman everything that she wants from life: spiritual tranquility, emotional comfort, mental clarity, friendship, love, happy children, and so much more. Your marriage is now the most important thing that you have in your life after your iman inshaAllah.

When you win your husband’s heart, he opens up his life, emotions, and soul to you. You become best friends, lovers, and spiritual partners. This is very important for a newlywed wife to know because when men first get married, their hearts are literally hanging from their sleeves. They are so vulnerable and exposed, and if you make the right moves, he will remain that way throughout the marriage inshaAllah. It is imperative that you take advantage of the open playing field now.

So what’s the secret to his heart? It’s very simple. All a wife needs to do is understand what it takes to earn points with her man, and then push her husband’s love buttons every day. Men idealistically expect that their wives will know how to love them. A man would never think that his wife could be clueless about his needs and what is important to him. In case you do not know what love is to a man, TayyibaatWives will clue you in inshaAllah.

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