1. On Becoming A Mrs. (Unpaid)

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, All-Merciful


Have you ever noticed the subtle difference between the titles ‘Ms.’ and ‘Mrs.’? The first word leaves a woman’s marital status ambiguous, while the latter proudly announces that you’ve tied the knot. Despite the fact that this slight alteration may appear trivial in writing, that little letter ‘r’ can change a Muslim woman’s entire world.

Yet, no one really talks about that ‘change’ to single women anymore. Nowadays, you hardly hear people advising single women how to be good wives. As such, due to their lack of awareness and inexperience about married life, some of these ladies choose the wrong man to be their lifelong partner, or they enter their marriages without knowing how to make their partnership work.

When single women are uneducated about what a wife’s role really involves, after they marry they may become overwhelmed with the tasks related to managing a household and doing what it takes to properly care for their husband. They may also be unprepared to handle conflict when problems suddenly arise in their marriages and resort to bad moves. Thus, remaining ignorant about marriage while being single is certainly risky for your future relationship.

It is related that the Prophet  said: “When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allah with regard to the other half.” (al-Bayhaqi)

In this narration, the Prophet  is teaching the believers that a person’s religion cannot be complete without both halves. By saying that marriage involves half of a person’s deen, he  is encouraging all believers in the most emphatic way to get married, while also warning them in the strongest terms to not become lax in their practice of the religion thereafter.

Definitely, how you treat your future husband is included in the second half of this Prophetic warning. Consequently, it is upon any woman who desires to be a righteous wife to learn what being a Muslim wife actually entails with the intention of living up to her praiseworthy standards.

While many single women spend a significant amount of time searching for Mr. Right, they rarely question themselves if they are prepared to be Mrs. Right. The question is: do you want to be different?

The more ready you are for married life, the better equipped you are at comfortably slipping into your role as a wife and triumphantly producing a blissful Islamic marriage inshaAllah. Through reading the advice in this guide and doing the practical exercises, you will gain a better understanding about wife life, men, and selecting a spouse. InshaAllah, it will be a means for you to choose your future husband wisely and pave the way to a successful lifelong bond with him inshaAllah.

Yet, maybe you’re thinking you’ll wait to get married because single life isn’t so bad after all…


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